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  7 Reasons to buy SmartBurn

There are many reasons to purchase SmartBurn, but we have tried to give you 7 of the best...

The multi award winning SmartBurn saves you money on your wood and home maintenance of your fire place or pot belly. One unit lasts on average 3 months with regular use of your wood fire and will save you money by getting more value and heat from your wood, keep your flue and glass cleaner, and, reduce your pollution by putting less smog into the atmosphere. Please click on a header below to expand on even more reasons than those we have just outlined here:
  PRODUCES more heat from your Fire
• Certified Laboratory Testing has shown that up to 17% more heat is generated    when using SmartBurn in your wood fire
• The SmartBurn enables the 'flammable' black soot and sap to be burned 'within'    the fire rather than it going up the chimney as smoke and wasted fuel
• Your home will be warmer for no extra effort
  More VALUE from your wood
• The money saved from using less wood can offset the cost of the SmartBurn unit
• Lasts about 900 burning hours (up to three months)
• The fire wood will burn for longer
• Less wood to cut, cart and load into your fire for the same amount of heat
• There will be less ash, less charcoal and less dust in your room
  REDUCES smoke emissions by up to 50%

• A pollution reduction device which provides cleaner air in your community
• Each SmartBurn unit saves about 15kg of carbon emissions
• Normally 40% of a log goes in the production of smoke which is wasted fuel
• Less smoke inhaled inside your home
• Less soot and sap on the roof


  Helps to CLEAN the chimney and reduce the risk of a fire

• Reduces the risk of a chimney or flue fire therefore keeping your family safe
• Fire lights more easily and 'draws' better reducing smoke into the room

FACT: The Fire Service attended 7400 Chimney Fires in England from April 2009 to March 2010 - Government Statistics (Fire Statistics Monitor 2009)
Before:   After:
Before SmartBurn   After SmartBurn
  Helps to CLEAN the glass on the log burner
• More heat radiates into the room
  Contains NATURAL Non Toxic Ingredients
• Simple to use, no effort required
• Cleaning the air without harming your family
  AWARD winning Australian Invention
• Proudly Australian invented, manufactured and family owned
• Winner of 65 Awards for Innovation and our Environment
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smart burn uk
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