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  7 Reasons to buy GreenSmart® Pots

There are many reasons to purchase GreenSmart® Pots, but we have tried to give you 7 of the best...

Developed in Australia, GreenSmart® was born out of a growing need to combat the rising cost of living, ever tightening water restrictions and availability of healthy, fresh food. Manufactured using food grade materials GreenSmart® offers the perfect way to safely grow high quality produce. The self-contained system can also be used to easily grow completely organic vegetables and herbs. Please find below 7 of the best reasons to use GreenSmart Pots:
1 Plants grown in GreenSmart® self-watering pots out-perform and out-yield those grown in traditional gardens
1 The water level indicator eliminates the dilemma of guess work of over watering or under watering.
1 Plants in GreenSmart® self-watering pots have continuous access to water so transpiration pull is never interrupted. The plants grow continuously at peak performance.
1 The built-in tank ensures frequent watering is not required thereby making it possible to leave the plants unattended for extended periods of time.
1 Requires less effort and less time.
1 Free from weeding.
1 The design stops root rot by preventing over-watering, allowing aeration, and supporting drainage.
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smart burn uk
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