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  About Green Sense Ltd - Naturally Beneficial

Green Sense was set up to offer value for money products and services which can be self funding...

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The company was incorporated to offer value for money products and services which can be self funding, i.e. pay for themselves over their life, and to provide efficient, cost effective and simple solutions for products related to heat, light, power and water to residential and commercial properties. The range of products will grow over time and as new technologies are developed.
The first product is SmartBurn but others under consideration are:

  1. Above ground rainwater harvesting tanks and systems. Rainwater is free and easy to collect with a relatively small
    capital outlay.

  2. T8/T5 lighting - lower power consumption but brighter light at a reduced cost

  3. Solar power – collect energy from the sun
Whilst these products are not quite up and running we may be in a position to provide you with a solution to your needs. We are in negotiations with various manufacturers.
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smart burn uk
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